Vanleena Camp

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Why Vanleena ?

Vanleena is more than just a dance school; it’s a second family…the people, the teachers, the classes, the space, all the aspects of Vanleena. Vanleena gives you something you don’t want to let go of. To all my friends at Vanleena: thank you to every one of you for making me laugh, making me focused, making me want to be better and achieve, and for growing with me in dance and in life.        
L. Maillard

I have been dancing at Vanleena Dance Academy for over five years and it has been a huge part of my life for that entire time. I fell completely and entirely in love with dance. I am now at Vanleena for up to 7 hours a week and every minute is amazing.   

V. Beukman

Vanleena has been a place about having fun and just loving to dance. It has been my home away from home for eight years. The people I have met at Vanleena are not just my peers and my teachers; they are all my friends. I am so lucky to have been molded by so many amazing dance teachers. Vanleena has taught me dedication, passion, and hard work.  
M. Hooge

I will never forget my first year. We were all so little then, but it’s still the same now…. that feeling of going on stage together and those little moments when you catch each other’s eyes while dancing. We still love the same things….thrilled by the performance and the bond. I’ll never forget the breathlessness after a dance and I’ll never forget Vanleena.  
A. Yaworsky